Wayne D. Blackmon, M.D., J.D.  
This is a mutifaceted, interpersonal process that allows a patient and psychiatrist to collaborate on achieving a deeper understanding of what motivates a person. Psychotherapy is a process in which a person gains insight into his or her personality and learns to translate that insight into action to improve life satisfaction and stop behaviors and anxiety that may be limiting or destructive or that lead to depression.

Medication Management
Part of any treatment may involve the use of medication. We are fortunate to live in an age where many choices are available to help relieve suffering. Many times, it is not possible to achieve value from psychotherapy until one can contain the symptoms that cause a person much emotional anguish, such as major clinical depression or anxiety. At such times, it is essential to utilize medication.

At present, any physician can prescribe medications. There is no formal specialty in psychopharmacology. Only psychiatrists have had formal, required special training in the use of psychiatric medications.  Even so, one has to be careful that prescribing in rational and not piecemeal.  Too often, practitioners add medicine for every symptom without considering underlying, unifying diagnosis, interactions, or side effects.  One should always be wary of polypharmacy that seems chaotic.